A Brand New Day

“A Brand-New Day” Journey

My father’s passing was a blessing and even though we miss him dearly we know he made it to Heaven.  I will transcribe his journey and explain how he might have felt in the stages of his transformation to Heaven.  The stages are described as gods blessings throughout the song I composed for him “A Brand-New Day”.  I couldn’t even imagine his personal conversations he had with god during each stage.  Inspired by the best man I have ever known.

Dedicated to my father: Bennie Leal who lost his battle to cancer on September 20th, 2004, at 12:00 AM – “A Brand New Day” 

Thank you for giving me the strength to find piece through music.  I am humbled for this blessing – Andres   ____________________________________________________________________________________________

~The Journey begins~

Verse 1 – The first blessing begins with – “Faith”

My father’s journey began in Santa Fe NM early Feb of 2004 when he wasn’t feeling well and started to see various doctors.  For several weeks, he went through a series of medical treatments and the doctors wanted to perform a surgery that could make him well again.  I was living in Arizona at the time when my brothers called me that dad wasn’t doing well and I should be there for the surgery.  The family had all met at the hospital and after an hour of a surgery scheduled for 4-5 hours the doctor came out and told us that my father had level four Cancer and it would only get worse in months ahead. The family was so emotional hearing the news and the realty was that our father was going to die.  We all began to question god on why and how can he take such a good man away from us.  The look on my father’s face after he received the news was devastating and indescribable.  The blessing that god had given us during that time was staying true to “Faith”. We supported my father with “Faith”several weeks after him receiving the news.  Many questions were asked and the doctors did their best in providing medications and ongoing treatments.

Verse 2 – The second Blessing – “Love”

 The month proceeding the news of cancer God blessed our family with “Love”more than we have ever had for one another especially my father.  These moments were precious and we wanted to savor every moment during this short time as we all new would come to an end soon.  My father started to open his heart to god because he knew his cancer was out of his control and becoming healthy was not an option. There were signs that “Love”was present and that god used this blessing to comfort my father.  My father asked if we could take him to a small church called the Santuario de Chimayo in NM so that the priest would give him his final blessing.  The Santuario has been known for thousands of people who walk several miles (some carrying crosses and sins) to the church just so that they can be close with god. I can still remember that day because my father (without much strength) wanted us to park on a hillside so that he can walk down to the church just as so many people had done in the past. Walking to the church was bitter sweet and not much was said during that walk.  God’s presents and light was shining on my father as he walked in to the church to see the priest.  This is the moment that he felt God’s “Love”the strongest and he was finally at piece.

Chorus – The third and fourth Blessing – “Strength and Acceptance”

 As my father’s condition began to worsen he would have good and bad days.  The “Strength and Acceptance”he had was a clear determination to live his last days visiting with friends and family and to be happy.  During this time my father’s strength and acceptance was a blessing from god.  Our home was filled with “Faith and Love”to help my father be strong even in quite moments when no one was there.  I would visit my father frequently and talk to him on the phone.  I think about the final days that Jesus carried his cross and the amount of “Strength and Acceptance” he underwent in his journey. This moment inspired me to write the chorus that we all go through every day in one way or another.

 Verse 3 – The fourth Blessing – “Purpose”

 My father was a very humble man.  When I reflect on my father’s accomplishments I see God’s blessing everywhere.  My father was a carpenter in his mind because no matter what he did he chiseled away at it until it was accomplished.  He was a master at everything he did.  My father built two homes from scratch while working and raising three boys.  He was an extraordinary husband to my mother and was a perfect role model to me and my two older brothers.  My father was a dreamer and when I think about his “Purpose”and see myself and two older brothers, we are just like him.  What he accomplished in his life his “Purpose”will be taught to generations through his family.  These are the same blessing I teach my son and I try to be the role model my father was to us.  During this time of my father sickness, we would reminisce about family events and talk about all the good times we had.  God blessed my father during this time with “Purpose” because he was reminded of all his accomplishments and the blood sweat and tears that he overcame.

 Verse 4 – The fifth and final Blessing– “Heaven”

 I received a call from my older brother that I should come see dad because he was getting worse.  I decided to go on FMLA from work and spend this time helping my mother.  Knowing this moment would eventually come, I packed my things and drove out for one last final trip.  The moment I got there and saw my father, something told me that he was waiting for me.  That night my mother woke me up crying saying that my father has stopped breathing and she thinks he has died.  I calmed my mother down and immediately checked my father’s breathing and pulse.  Motionless my father soul and his spirit was no longer present.  I glanced at the clock and saw that it was about 12:05AM (inspired and wrote “A Brand-New Day”).  I confirmed that he was with the lord and comforted my mother and called my two older brothers.  The next week or so was very difficult and sad as we buried my father and said our goodbyes.  One of the blessings was that he didn’t have to suffer very long.  This journey only lasted about seven months but the loss has impacted us an eternity.  We will meet my father there someday and when we do it will be “A Brand New Day” but for now he’s in Heaven looking down on us.

 Message ~ My Son Camden recorded this message when he was 4.

There are signs everywhere that tell us that there’s a heaven. Even in our darkest hour

there’s light.  Our souls return upon passing and sometimes visit us in our dreams.

We all have a purpose and the angels and saints guide us every day.

The Song – “A Brand-New Day” – written by Andres Martin Leal